mitts and a new dress

Happy New Year! Even though it was too quiet around this blog, it was for good reason. The month of December found me knitting and sewing furiously, as I needed new mitts and a new dress so that I could do this [on Christmas Eve]…!



These photos were taken by the wonderful Aram of Aram O Photography.  I probably owe you some more detail photos, but obviously taking photos for my BLOG was not exactly what he was aiming for [update: I figured out how to crop some more photos on my tablet].


My dress is the Elisalex from By Hand London and my mitts are Spate by Jane Richmond, in Journey. There was a hat too but I didn’t wear it and I’m not crazy about it. Maybe a later post.


I LOVE this dress pattern and will definitely make the sleeveless version. I actually made a real, live muslin and it was super helpful – I ended up slimming and lengthening the sleeves. Because of the high waist, I cut the same size for the top and bottom (usually I go a size up on the bottom). I ended up taking in the seams at the roundest part of the tulip because it was sort of collapsing on itself anyways. Too much tulip to hold itself up. You can’t tell from these pics but the fabric is actually black polka dot. I used interfacing on the skirt to hold the structure (after seeing this idea from Heather Lou who I SWEAR I wasn’t trying to rip off her [polka dot] dress AGAIN I bought this fabric, then saw her dress, OK for the second time, so maybe it was in my subconscious).


The mitts are a great pattern but I wish I had bought a yarn without alpaca – I used Juniper Moon Herriot and the fluffy alpaca didn’t give the stitch as much structure as it should for this awesome stitch pattern. I also wish I didn’t make them quite so long – in theory long mitts are super cool but in reality it just means they bunch up a lot.


I am really eager to sew and knit more but I have a major blogging problem – after my laptop died a year ago, I had to revert to my eight year old laptop, which apparently lost the ability to go on the internet a few weeks ago. Coincidentally, this occurred after I dropped it. Anyways, I have no way to get photos to the internet anymore (my tablet doesn’t have a USB) which is why I could only use the above photos that were already on the internet. I am bummed and not sure what I will do and when I will blog again. Boo.

21 thoughts on “mitts and a new dress

  1. Congratulations, Lauren!! I’m so happy for you 🙂 You look wonderful, the dress is a dream!
    Sorry to hear about the internet problem…you have the Nexus 7, right? It does have USB, at least mine does. It’s integrated in the charger (you can take it apart and use the end of the charging cable as a USB port). Have a look if yours does too!

    • Thank you! I looked at my charging cable and its sort of the opposite – the end of the cable is a USB and the block that plugs into the outlet has a USB slot. Maybe there is a different charging cable I can buy.

      • Hm, you should be able to use the end that plugs into the blog as USB too, so you can connect the tablet to the laptop via cable. The end that goes into the tablet is a Mini USB, the other is a normal sized USB that either connects to the block that plugs into the outlet or into any other USB port. But maybe they have different plugs and chargers in the US.

      • I was thinking the same thing, that the US version is different. The non-mini USB end is definitely a USB itself – its the same as my flash drive, and the flash drive fits perfectly into the block that plugs into the outlet, which is useless 🙂 I’m going to do some research though, there’s got to be an option to connect a USB to these tablets even in the US! (Although I wouldn’t be surprised to find that the US versions gouge you and require you to spend hundreds more on equipment or an upgrades tablet).

    • Thank you! Sort of both – it was very small, ten of us total, but we didn’t tell many other people until after.

  2. I don’t think my previous comment made it here. But I said: CONGRATULATIONS! I’m so happy for the two of you and can’t wait to hear the whole story! xoxo.

    • Thanks so much! We actually got married in Brookline (you’re in Somerville, right?) in the park where we had our first date, so I knew I would need a long sleeve dress. We actually lucked out as far as weather goes up there, but it was still way too cold to be taking pictures without a jacket! You can’t see my teeth chattering.

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