taking inventory

One of those nerdy knitting things that we knitters do is take a picture of all our handknit sweaters when we see them all in one place.

IMG_4308This is what happens when you are packing, you don’t want to pack, and you start to realize good lord I have knit a lot of sweaters.  And a lot of other crap too.

Want to know why I was packing?  Because we bought a house!  We moved in this weekend.   And guess what – while I know the location of the box which contains my sewing machine, that’s about as close as I am to sewing right now… I hope it’s not too long…

14 thoughts on “taking inventory

  1. First of all, congratulations on the house!! I hope you are settling in well and the moving chaos will soon be gone 🙂
    Your handknits are gorgeous, I love how all the colors go so well together. Handknit sweaters are so precious.

    • Thank you – and it has been chaotic!
      They do feel pretty special, I guess that’s why it was exciting to see them all piled up together 🙂

  2. Jealous! Am just learning to knit, almost finished my second jumper (sweater!) – maybe in a couple of years I’ll have a pile like yours! Gorgeous. Have fun with your house too!

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