fall belladone

This dress is the reason I bought the Belladone pattern… my first one turned out to be the best wearable muslin I’ve ever made (well, that’s sort of a stretch, I did intend it to be a real, live dress too).

IMG_3898 IMG_3899Something about this fabric seemed French to me.  Who knows.  I picked it up from the DC/MD/VA blogger meetup last year.  This dress was supposed to make it the the layaway box, along with the boots, which were in there briefly,  but it is just too perfect for this time of year with the in-between weather.

IMG_3894IMG_3891Rummaging through my inherited stash, I found this coat zipper and loved it.  But it reminded me of something I couldn’t place at first… you know what it is?  This kick-ass dress by Heather Lou that made me discover her blog and her amazing sewing talent.  So maybe I ripped it off of her, but copying is the sincerest form of flattery, AND I’m like several seasons behind, so….  basically, I’m really not as cool as her.

IMG_3895I made the same modifications as with the first one (a 38 top and a 40 bottom), but I think if I was to make it one more time (likely), I will add another inch or two to the bodice.  I’m a little too tall. It was also the first time in a long time that I did not use french seams – I thought the fabric would be too bulky so I just finished with a cheapie zigzag stitch and ironed them flat.

This time around I hid the bias tape because I could not find a good color match and didn’t want contrast on this one.  But I did add a pop of orange inside from my Nonna’s hem tape collection.  I’m nuts about blue and orange.

IMG_3913This one might be a new favorite in the closet…


31 thoughts on “fall belladone

  1. I have seen LOTS of versions of this dress, and yours is definitely one of my favorites! The cut out lays really nicely, and I love the exposed zipper. Nice work!

  2. HAHAHA. I saw your zip and was all NICE ZIP DUDE and then saw the shout-out. I was def a bit of a exposed zip whore for a while there…. I think it REALLY works with this dress – it highlights that little cut out in the back. And I love the fall vibe of this – will totally transition seasons. This might be the best version of seen yet of this pattern!

  3. I just found your blog and have spend a happy hour scrolling through past posts. The Belladone though- perfect! I just love the exposed zip. I’ve made this dress a couple of times and wouldn’t have thought of that but it totally works.

  4. Lauren, this is gorgeous!! I LOVE the fabric and the dress itself looks so well made you would never guess it’s handmade (that orange hem tape!!). The pattern fits you so well, it just looks great on you! Yay!

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