more lakeside pajamas

Uh, this looks to be the beginning of a personal collection of Lakeside pajamas….

IMG_3801I’m nuts about this crazy fabric – it’s been in my stash for 4 or 5 years from the remnants at Osgood’s in Springfield, MA.  It’s a satin I guess (I really know too little about textiles).  Unfortunately I did not have enough to match the pattern.

IMG_3802Mr. Nice is responsible for props.  Vegan Pie in the Sky, anyone?  🙂

I attempted to make bias tape out of the scraps, which resulted in a wonky tank hem, but it’s not too bad.  I chose to use regular bias tape for the neck, straps, and shorts for some structure, but was worried that it would be too stiff for the hem.

My weirdo “bias tape” resulted in something more like piping along the hem.  These are about the only 2-3 inches of it that weren’t crooked.

IMG_3809IMG_3812I also put a little loop in the back of the shorts so that I can do this:

IMG_3813I went a size up on the shorts because nobody wants too-tight-satin.  I’m torn about what size to make for the next two sets (one top already cut, next fabric bought), but I’m thinking the shorts look a little loose in the pic below?  Maybe I need to grade between the sizes.

IMG_3804Oh yeah, and another lovely improvisation of mine due to a limited amount of fabric was to cut the front waistband on the bias.  Terrible idea, it’s kind of stretched out, but well, they’re still wearable so far.

I’m going to try not to turn this into a Lakeside-only blog… I’ll have to find something else to post to break it up!


16 thoughts on “more lakeside pajamas

  1. Yay, another pair! I really like these as well, the crazy fabric suits the pattern and I’m sure satin must be so lovely to wear! Thanks for showing your wonky hems, that strangely makes me feel loads better about all the mistakes and wonkiness in my own sewing 😀

    • Thanks. I’m always torn about how much to show – I want to be honest but sometimes it’s hard to show the world your flaws 🙂 To be perfectly honesty, I did not show the rip in one of the side seams after I put the shorts on the first time!

    • Thank you! That’s good because there are certainly more to come. I guess these shorts look more like shorts rather than glorified underwear 🙂 Then it’s just a matter of which kind you want to sleep in I guess!

  2. I love the fabric. I can see why you’re been holding on to it for so long. I also think the shorts look like pretty comfy. The looser I can get my pajamas, the better!

  3. Oh. My. Goodness!!!!!! These are amazing! When I saw Lauren’s version I wanted the pattern but this fabric is amazing!! They look super luxurious while still being comfortable. And I LIVE to lounge in tanks and shorts. I’m going to buy it. I have to!

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