my jams

Apparently I’m not the only one who was drooling last year when Jen from Grainline made the cutest pajamas ever for herself (see, I even pinned them back then!)… thank goodness she did not force me to try to create them on my own.  Guaranteed disaster.

IMG_3797Lakeside Pajamas!

IMG_3730There will be many more of these to come, I foresee.  I made a size 4 top with no modifications and a size 6 bottom.  I finagled the part of the side seam where the bias bindings meet a little differently than in the instructions and I think on my next pair I will only sew 1/8″ side seams on the shorts before attaching the bias binding (or just baste it) because my seam did not end up encased in the binding.  I’m considering going up a size in the bottoms – since they’re woven they don’t have a lot of give, particularly when you’re getting in and out of them.  Also, for some reason I could only fit 1″ wide elastic (rather than 1.25″ that the pattern called for) – but it works just fine.

IMG_3775Luckily these are pajamas.  The public won’t see my errors.  Except right now.

IMG_3776I ended up using a contrasting binding by accident (all I had) and ended up liking it a lot.  Something about the print and the color combination looks Japanese to me.  The fabric is actually a quilting cotton from G Street – I’d like to try something more drapey like the pattern recommends, but this is nice and crisp and lightweight and not as heavy as some quilting cottons, so I like it too.

IMG_3747I topstitched in a contrasting color because I’m lazy and don’t like changing the thread.  And I’m trying to force myself to be more neat and careful.  I’ll give myself a solid B on this one.

IMG_3742These were surprisingly quick – I thought all the bias binding would be tedious, but it was actually quick.  I think from now on I will bias-bind EVERYTHING.

Final conclusion:  they have been officially sleep-tested and I love them!  And there is a pile of fabric at my feet waiting to be chosen for the next set…


15 thoughts on “my jams

    • Thanks! I should have pretended like it was a style choice! Although, to be honest, I liked it too, otherwise I would have gotten my lazy self up to go buy a different color.

    • Thank you! I am glad I went with the contrast, I guess it makes them more interesting. I say go for it – I’ve been wearing these non-stop since I made them and I have another set cut and ready to sew.

    • Thank you! It makes me want to try to push myself to think about more style choices than having everything monochromatic.

  1. They’re awesome!! And they look like they’re really comfy and fit well. I’ve been eyeing that pattern but Jen’s fabric choice was totally not for me. I love the fabric you chose, it does look a little japanese! It’s totally making me reconsidering this pattern 🙂

    • Thank you! I have really become obsessed with them since I made them and I’m working on a new set with a satiny fabric. This may turn out to be my most repeated pattern because I want to make a pair for every night of the week!

    • Thanks! You should make them! I used a cotton fabric in the quilting section (at least I think it’s cotton) but I didn’t pay attention to the brand or designer. sorry 😦

      • No worries! It turned out so lovely, and I will admit to dabbling in the quilting cottons to sew clothing, gasp. I’m glad you do too. I think that some consider it a taboo nono. Not this guy.

      • You know, I can’t help myself sometimes because they often have the best prints! As long as they’re not too heavy, they are so easy to work with too.

        I guess I made a shameful confession 🙂 Oh well!

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