did I just make that?!?

A Bombshell!!!

IMG_3675I know everyone has seen more than their share of Bombshells lately, which tells you just how amazing this pattern is.  Aside from making you feel like one, its been quite a bombshell on the sewing community in fact.

I cannot believe I have made a bathing suit.

And it fits. And it didn’t dissolve when I went in the ocean.  And it’s drip drying on my shower curtain rod right now, like a normal… bathing suit.

IMG_3671It bears mentioning that while a lot has been said about how this swimsuit has empowered women in regards to their body image, I have to say how much it has empowered sewists too.  This is by far the most impressive thing I have ever made, and never thought I could.  Especially for us sorry souls without a serger and no hope for a serger anytime soon.  Heather Lou helped a poor little so-so sewist like me feel like The S&%* for a minute! And hosting a sewalong to hold our hand through it? This woman deserves an award!

IMG_3665Here’s the details on mine:  I cut a size 8 top and size 10 bottom, per the measurements on the pattern.  I am 5’10” so I added 3 inches to the length, just like she did in the sewalong.  Do you have any idea how nice it is to wear a one piece that is actually comfortable and long enough for your torso, covering everything it’s supposed to? Wow!

IMG_3669Because I was worried about the sheerness of the white fabric with nude lining, I added an extra crotch piece (underwear style), but because of the bathing suit’s “skirt,” it really didn’t matter.  I used swimsuit cups from the sewing store, not because I need the support that others need… let’s just say I need some “structure.”  After I got them all sewed in (I was nervous about this part) I discovered they are in there a little uneven and wonky.  That got me very worried about looking kind of Kitty a la Arrested Development, post-boob job, but I think it turned out ok.

IMG_3672The zigzag stitch on my machine is generally pretty heinous, and I really can’t adjust the width or length, no matter how much I fiddle with the settings (I have the most basic of basic machines), so from the outside my seams unfortunately look a little Frankensteinish (see below).  However, for finishing the edges, they don’t look bad, because the edges are bulky enough that the stitches don’t pull.

IMG_3673I had a lot of difficulty with finishing the bustline – so much gaping that the bust looked all stretched out.  Or maybe it was stretched out.  I had to rip the whole thing out twice, which isn’t fun with lycra and elastic.  But I have to say that I expected to have a LOT more difficulty with this project, so if that was the extent of it, I’m more than pleased.

Oh, and I HAVE to mention – this fabric?  $9.77/yd remnant at G Street!  Yes!


23 thoughts on “did I just make that?!?

  1. Wow…I am so impressed! Swimsuit sewing is something that has scared me….but I need to give it a try! Your swimsuit looks great!

    • I felt the exact same way… but it feels pretty awesome when you actually do it. I’m telling you, using the sewalong helps A LOT. Thanks!

  2. It looks fabulous! And I think you’re so right, this swimsuit seems to be empowering to sewist and bombshell in every woman that’s made it. I’m pretty certain that I don’t have the skillz yet to make it, but if there are directions for non-serger people, than I might give it a go anyways.

    • I’m not kidding when I say I have the most basic machine – if my machine can do it, anyone’s can. You would be surprised how realistic a project this is, although I guess I wouldn’t say it’s good for a beginner. If you have some experience under your belt, it might be possible!

  3. Awwww…. i got all verklepmt there! Love seeing your version (that animal print is the CATS PAJAMAS) and you look fabulous in it. Unfortunately a ot of people had issues with the gaping neckline. You just need to add stretch there but I guess you figured that out. Strange how on my testers for myself it was never an issue. Bodies, amiright? And SO impressed you made this on a basic machine…. isn’t it lovely when you make something wonderful without a lot of bells and whistles?

    • You deserve a lot of thanks! I have never felt so good about something I’ve made before. I did use your advice in the sewalong to reduce the length of the elastic – initially I did it to the entire top but then I realized that I really just needed to tweak it in the front. I wonder too if I stretched it out somehow when I was sewing the front to the lining.

    • Thanks! Yours looks great too – my gaping was really sort of that the top looking too stretched out, so I wasn’t sure if I accidentally stretched it out, or that was just how it fit on me.

      I want to make View B next too!

  4. Sweet chickens SOG!. This is great. I actually bought basically this same exact bathing suit (different color) at the beginning of summer. It cost alot….if only I had known you could make one for me! 🙂

    • Thanks! I know, if only I could make you one too! I actually bought a similar one at Anthropologie last summer for way too much and this one is much more comfortable.

  5. omg what?!?!?! this is friggin amazing! i’ve been trying to find something like this for myself and can’t find it anywhere. you’re the cutest 🙂

    • Thanks! I have one from Anthropologie last year, don’t know if they have it this year, although this one fits better. And aw, gee, I’m not cute!

  6. Oooh, it’s beautiful!!! Sorry I’m so late to comment (crazy week…). I’ve been seeing bombshells everywhere but I think yours is my favourite so far. That print is just so cute and I love the yellow headscarf with it! I can see what you mean about the seams, but no one is ever going to notice in that print and with the ruching.

    • Thank you! Your favorite?! No way. I know it can’t be that good! But thanks – I think you are right with the ruching and the print – it’s one of the things that probably only the maker notices.

      Don’t ever apologize for a “late” comment – I appreciate any comment whenever it comes 🙂

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