the summer sock

Apparently every summer I knit a pair of socks…  I did not know this until I wrote this post, but apparently that’s my June/July “thing.”  Yup, apparently as the temperatures climb, I think warm, wool socks sound good for some reason.

IMG_3592But it goes well with the fall layaway plan, Stashbusting 2013, and that delightful feeling when you’ve been mostly without socks all summer and then you put on a pair of socks and they feel all soft and squishy.

IMG_3599 Which is a good thing because that helps me overlook the *what the $%* is going on with the dye shades of this yarn?!  It switches shades drastically, and when I finished the toe of the first one with a pale grape shade, I had to rewind the ball backwards so that the same shade would be the toe, and not the cuff of the second sock.  Strange.

Purple is my least favorite color, but stashbusting, hey.  I’m actually dying to go ’90’s and pair these with some Doc Martens!

Pattern:  Kalajoki

Yarn:  Zitron Unisono


7 thoughts on “the summer sock

  1. Gasp! I love these socks. I’m not sure that I can knit socks, but this leads me to believe I ought to find out. Lovely work. I rather like the effect the dye takes on towards the toe.

    • Thanks! You should give them a try – I used to think what is the point of knitting something that just goes in your shoes, but its a satisfying knit and they feel awesome on.

  2. They’re gorgeous and I actually really like the “ombre” effect of the different dye intensity! I really have the urge to knit as well, I even bought a mitten pattern in Norway (for a two-colored mitt which is probably way beyond my skills…).

    • Wow, a knitting pattern from Norway sound perfect. You can do two colors! The one tricky thing can be to get gauge as you’re getting used to juggling the two colors, but you’ll get it. I’m working on a multicolor mitt pattern of my own right now (although it’s actually all neutrals).

      • Wow, your own pattern? That sounds amazing! Can’t wait to see it 🙂 I haven’t started the mittens yet but I’ll post about it when I do. The girl in the shop said it was easy too so I’ll see how it goes.

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