another moss and fall… “layaway”

Like many on the interwebs, I am on a Grainline kick.  I started this skirt before I even knew about the Scout sew-along.  Unlike many, I LOVE fall clothes the most.  Since a velvet mini skirt won’t really work in the Baltimore heat, this one’s going on “layaway.”

IMG_3556Last year I hoarded a little pile of new fall projects in a corduroy box I made, and come October (or November…. it’s hot here) it was like I went on a big surprise shopping spree when I opened the box.  It was awesome.  So I’m doing it again!

IMG_3554OK, back to the skirt.  I made a Moss Skirt back in December and maybe I should have read my own post first and remembered to cut the next size up.  Little snug.  This fabric does not have any stretch to it (it’s actually a home dec fabric with this funny/cool orange underbelly, see below) and because velvet is very unforgiving when you want it to forget old stitch lines you ripped out, I could only take the seams out like, an eighth of an inch.  Like the last one, I left the hem unfinished.

What I did remember from the last skirt was how bulky the fly and waistband were.  Somewhere recently I saw the idea (another “duh”) to use a more lightweight fabric for the facings.  Duh.  I found a scrap of gray and white zigzag, and now I have this kind of cool late ’80’s thing going on inside my skirt.  Party in my skirt.

IMG_3581IMG_3586The one thing I need a little help on is how to close the waistband.  I did not want to put a buttonhole because with the velvet I like how it looks sans button.  But I hate how hooks pull at the waistband.  The one in the picture above did NOT work out and in the top pictures I just have it pinned right now.  I might try a different style hook and eye closure…


14 thoughts on “another moss and fall… “layaway”

  1. Nice, I like the velvet! I have the same problem with the hook and eye closures, the only way they work for me is if the inside waistband extends and buttons on the inside- it takes some of the strain from the front. But it seems like there is probably an easier solution!

    • That is true – although you have me an idea about having a thin reverse button/button on the inside….? Is that weird?

  2. Very cute skirt! I really like the idea of working a season ahead, and then getting the fruits your labor in one lump. Let us know how you end up fixing the waistband closure conundrum. I have a few ready-to-wear skirts that have the same problem.

    • Thank you – yes, the “one big lump” part is very cool. I’m thinking I might try the reverse button, I’ll let you know.

  3. I love it!! Every Moss skirt I see makes me want one of my own.

    I always love how corduroy and velvet look on others but I never feel like I wear it well.

    • Thank you! I know, it’s another really good Grainline pattern.

      You know I really never wear velvet so this was a bit of an experiment – corduroy can be pretty bulky but I bet a fine wale corduroy would look really good. Actually… that’s a good idea…

  4. This skirt will be so cute in the fall with some tights and boots! And I love the necklace you’re sporting 🙂

    • I know, I can’t WAIT for tights and boots!

      Thought you’d like it 😉 – it’s a pretty awesome necklace I say. Thanks again!

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  6. It’s so pretty and I agree, it will be perfect in fall with tights and boots and one of your knit cardigans and sweaters! I love that you’re doing your fall layaway again, it will be so much fun unpacking all those lovely things!

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