IMG_3371 An Olive doll for a 2-year-old’s birthday.  This is a great doll pattern, the only thing I will change in the future is placing the arms higher.  She looks a little like ET, right?  I have another one in the works for another 2-year-old and probably all subsequent “nieces” and “nephews” will be getting an Olive or Archie this year…..  (Trying not to turn this blog into a baby gift blog, but the babies keep coming!!)IMG_3356Photo bomb.



4 thoughts on “olive

  1. Watch out, a few years ago I started making the Wee Wonderful animal dolls (cat, bear, bunny) for the newborns my friends/co-workers were having and ended up making six in all. I love them all, and still love the fabric color combinations but all that embroidery for the faces, collars, and felt shoes (blanket stitch) and the stuffing… Argghh…

    I had to find a more streamlined and simpler pattern for the 7th baby.

    • I hear you! A couple more and I’ll probably be all set! There are too many babies to keep up with…

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