did I just make that?!?

A Bombshell!!!

IMG_3675I know everyone has seen more than their share of Bombshells lately, which tells you just how amazing this pattern is.  Aside from making you feel like one, its been quite a bombshell on the sewing community in fact.

I cannot believe I have made a bathing suit.

And it fits. And it didn’t dissolve when I went in the ocean.  And it’s drip drying on my shower curtain rod right now, like a normal… bathing suit.

IMG_3671It bears mentioning that while a lot has been said about how this swimsuit has empowered women in regards to their body image, I have to say how much it has empowered sewists too.  This is by far the most impressive thing I have ever made, and never thought I could.  Especially for us sorry souls without a serger and no hope for a serger anytime soon.  Heather Lou helped a poor little so-so sewist like me feel like The S&%* for a minute! And hosting a sewalong to hold our hand through it? This woman deserves an award!

IMG_3665Here’s the details on mine:  I cut a size 8 top and size 10 bottom, per the measurements on the pattern.  I am 5’10” so I added 3 inches to the length, just like she did in the sewalong.  Do you have any idea how nice it is to wear a one piece that is actually comfortable and long enough for your torso, covering everything it’s supposed to? Wow!

IMG_3669Because I was worried about the sheerness of the white fabric with nude lining, I added an extra crotch piece (underwear style), but because of the bathing suit’s “skirt,” it really didn’t matter.  I used swimsuit cups from the sewing store, not because I need the support that others need… let’s just say I need some “structure.”  After I got them all sewed in (I was nervous about this part) I discovered they are in there a little uneven and wonky.  That got me very worried about looking kind of Kitty a la Arrested Development, post-boob job, but I think it turned out ok.

IMG_3672The zigzag stitch on my machine is generally pretty heinous, and I really can’t adjust the width or length, no matter how much I fiddle with the settings (I have the most basic of basic machines), so from the outside my seams unfortunately look a little Frankensteinish (see below).  However, for finishing the edges, they don’t look bad, because the edges are bulky enough that the stitches don’t pull.

IMG_3673I had a lot of difficulty with finishing the bustline – so much gaping that the bust looked all stretched out.  Or maybe it was stretched out.  I had to rip the whole thing out twice, which isn’t fun with lycra and elastic.  But I have to say that I expected to have a LOT more difficulty with this project, so if that was the extent of it, I’m more than pleased.

Oh, and I HAVE to mention – this fabric?  $9.77/yd remnant at G Street!  Yes!

the newest scout

Scout – all the rage, right?!  I just can’t stop.

IMG_3645It’s sweaty in Baltimore.

Anyways, when I made my linen and wool Scout, I drafted a collar with some leftover Archer fabric.  I loved the color so much, and loved how it looked with my Scout pre-sleeve insertion, that I thought I would put it to use on a sleeveless Scout.

IMG_3652 cropped

I used the Wiksten tank hem again, by laying that pattern piece over the Scout pattern, matching them at the armholes, and used bias binding to finish the armholes the same way as the neck.IMG_3570

This was a stashbuster, hence the variety of fabrics.  I think I would have preferred all green, but I’ll take it.

IMG_3561What kind of Scout will be next…?!

the summer sock

Apparently every summer I knit a pair of socks…  I did not know this until I wrote this post, but apparently that’s my June/July “thing.”  Yup, apparently as the temperatures climb, I think warm, wool socks sound good for some reason.

IMG_3592But it goes well with the fall layaway plan, Stashbusting 2013, and that delightful feeling when you’ve been mostly without socks all summer and then you put on a pair of socks and they feel all soft and squishy.

IMG_3599 Which is a good thing because that helps me overlook the *what the $%* is going on with the dye shades of this yarn?!  It switches shades drastically, and when I finished the toe of the first one with a pale grape shade, I had to rewind the ball backwards so that the same shade would be the toe, and not the cuff of the second sock.  Strange.

Purple is my least favorite color, but stashbusting, hey.  I’m actually dying to go ’90’s and pair these with some Doc Martens!

Pattern:  Kalajoki

Yarn:  Zitron Unisono

another moss and fall… “layaway”

Like many on the interwebs, I am on a Grainline kick.  I started this skirt before I even knew about the Scout sew-along.  Unlike many, I LOVE fall clothes the most.  Since a velvet mini skirt won’t really work in the Baltimore heat, this one’s going on “layaway.”

IMG_3556Last year I hoarded a little pile of new fall projects in a corduroy box I made, and come October (or November…. it’s hot here) it was like I went on a big surprise shopping spree when I opened the box.  It was awesome.  So I’m doing it again!

IMG_3554OK, back to the skirt.  I made a Moss Skirt back in December and maybe I should have read my own post first and remembered to cut the next size up.  Little snug.  This fabric does not have any stretch to it (it’s actually a home dec fabric with this funny/cool orange underbelly, see below) and because velvet is very unforgiving when you want it to forget old stitch lines you ripped out, I could only take the seams out like, an eighth of an inch.  Like the last one, I left the hem unfinished.

What I did remember from the last skirt was how bulky the fly and waistband were.  Somewhere recently I saw the idea (another “duh”) to use a more lightweight fabric for the facings.  Duh.  I found a scrap of gray and white zigzag, and now I have this kind of cool late ’80’s thing going on inside my skirt.  Party in my skirt.

IMG_3581IMG_3586The one thing I need a little help on is how to close the waistband.  I did not want to put a buttonhole because with the velvet I like how it looks sans button.  But I hate how hooks pull at the waistband.  The one in the picture above did NOT work out and in the top pictures I just have it pinned right now.  I might try a different style hook and eye closure…

linen and wool scout

Have you seen the Scout sew-a-long on Kollabora?  I’ve already made a couple Scouts, but the idea to create your own variation with modifications/embellishment/whatever was like “duh!”  What a good, basic top to expand on!  So I rummaged through my stash and made a highly impractical short sleeve wool and linen top.  But I love the collar…



  • I used the hemline of the Wiksten tank
  • I cut the bottom half from a scrap of linen (I cut as much as my scrap would give me)
  • I added a collar; originally I had a Peter Pan collar in mind but when I was playing around with scraps, I thought I’d try something more geometric

I submitted it on Kollabora; if you’re on Kollabora and you like it, give me a heart!

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IMG_3371 An Olive doll for a 2-year-old’s birthday.  This is a great doll pattern, the only thing I will change in the future is placing the arms higher.  She looks a little like ET, right?  I have another one in the works for another 2-year-old and probably all subsequent “nieces” and “nephews” will be getting an Olive or Archie this year…..  (Trying not to turn this blog into a baby gift blog, but the babies keep coming!!)IMG_3356Photo bomb.