itty bitty diaper covers


So tiny.

Three little diaper covers for my bib-receiving pregnant friend (kind of cool – I also made the bridesmaid gifts for her wedding 3 and a half years ago!).  I used this tutorial (0-3 months) and they were super easy.  You cannot HELP but say “awwww” when you hold them up (this theory was tested on the crowd at the bridal shower, and was proven correct).

Good stash buster by the way.

(Duh I forgot to link you to the tutorial found via this nice list of baby clothing tutorials)


2 thoughts on “itty bitty diaper covers

  1. Aah, you got there first! I’ve been meaning to make these for my pregnant friend for weeks. Did you use the tutorial on Made by Rae? They’re so cute and soo tiny! I love your fabric choices. Your friend will love them!!

    • I forgot that I repinned this from you! Thanks! This is a very rewarding project because its fairly quick and you just die over how cute they are! Can’t wait to see yours!

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