itty bitty diaper covers


So tiny.

Three little diaper covers for my bib-receiving pregnant friend (kind of cool – I also made the bridesmaid gifts for her wedding 3 and a half years ago!).  I used this tutorial (0-3 months) and they were super easy.  You cannot HELP but say “awwww” when you hold them up (this theory was tested on the crowd at the bridal shower, and was proven correct).

Good stash buster by the way.

(Duh I forgot to link you to the tutorial found via this nice list of baby clothing tutorials)

“humanoid” cowl


This is a perfect example of why my previous post about the possibility of being copied is quite ironic… Here I am ripping off Humanoid, yet again (and with the same yarn I used the last time, but only by coincidence).


As usual, I have Pinterest to thank for my inspiration and apparent inability to create anything original!


I used a provisional cast on and used kitchener to join the ends, then sewed a tube of soft cotton jersey and hand-stitched it under the edge of the cowl.


You might have noticed it with my Archer shirt in the last post…  I’m loving the color palette of my recent projects.  I’m not much of a spring/summer clothing person (I could wear boots, sweaters, and fall colors almost year round).  However, for spring I do like this combination of a muted rich color, eartly neutral, and crisp white.


But now that it’s mid-May in Baltimore… this cowl is going in my fall “layaway” stash.


IMG_3254 The famed Archer… I LOVED. MAKING. THIS.

Jen from Grainline’s sew-along was awesome and I highly recommend taking a look if you’re going to take a stab at this pattern.  I had sewn one other button-down (for Mr. Nice way back in my sewing day) but I still learned A LOT from her.  Check out those nice little cuffs up there!  I wish I had had the patience to wait for the instructions on the yoke burrito – trying that next time.  (What?  You don’t know what the yoke burrito is?  Guess you’ll have to watch her tutorial!)


The influence of a talented seamstress made me really focus on trying to cut and sew this well, and instead of my usual hack job, I ripped out seams and redid it when it wasn’t quite right.  This ended up being one of my better sewing jobs because of it.

IMG_3289 croppedAnd is it embarrassing if I tell you that this little anchor stitch on the upper corners of the pockets kept me obsessed for a full 48 hours?  I absolutely adored this detail, thought about it at night, at work, and must have shown it to Mr. Nice about 3 times.  That little inch is the most professonal-looking thing I’ve ever done.

What?  You want a closer look?

IMG_3293 croppedHere are some other notes…

  • I finished my seams with french seams, even though there was only a 1/2″ seam allowance.  I learned that (duh) you can just sew the initial seam at 1/4″, trim it, then sew the final seam at 1/4″.   I followed all her other finishing techniques and they look nice.
  • I added 2″ to length, extending the pattern ahead of time, the right way.  She actually gives instructions on this and I did it because I am 5’10” and am very glad I did, it’s just right.  However, it made my button spacing funny and the one at the bottom is too close to the hem.
  • I really liked this fabric when I bought it (at The Drygoods Shop in Asheville, and I love this place), but uh, now that it’s a button-down, does it look a police officer’s uniform shirt?!  Halfway into this I realized that this was a high possibility, so I inverted the pleat and pored over my button options to minimize the uniform similarity…
  • I didn’t know interfacing came in different weights.  Wow.


For next time (because there will be a next time) I think I may take in the waist a little and narrow the sleeves.  I like things fitted and I would like to practice some of those pattern-adjusting skills.  However, the fit is great and the sizing was perfect (fyi this is a size 6).


Look at me.  I love my Archer.  What a dork!