three babies, nine bibs

So many bibs!  So many hand-sewn snaps, reallyIMG_3126.

A pregnant friend requested some bandana bibs for two of her pregnant best friends, so I threw a few in for her too.


This is a great stashbuster and is pretty cute, BUT I don’t think I’m going to give these as gifts anymore because… new moms do not need to be ironing.  I washed these and they were kind of a b&*#$& to iron and were so askew and crazy that I don’t think you can get away without taming them with heat.  All the moms in the world, how much ironing did you do during the first year of your children’s lives?  That’s what I thought.    I have to work on a new baby gift for the future newborns… there are a few good ones on my pinterest board  [Update:  Apparently the first friend I gifted these to in October says that not only does she not have to iron them, but she receives compliments on them all the time.  Well then.  Nevermind]


6 thoughts on “three babies, nine bibs

  1. DON’T STOP MAKING THESE! I’ve never needed to iron ours and get so many complements when our “little cowboy” wears them. LOVE LOVE LOVE the new patterns, too. They are the perfect baby gift because you can never have too many bibs 🙂

    • Thanks! They’re a good stashbuster and pretty quick minus the snaps – but you don’t mind a little hand sewing if I remember correctly?

      • Nope, handsewing is fine by me 🙂 We have a couple of long weekends in May and these are definitely on the list!

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