striped boxy top


The thought of making a self-drafted pattern scares the bejeezus out of me… this is the closest I’ve come.  And by self-drafted, I mean I folded over my fabric, traced a top that I like, sewed up the side seams, cut a hole for the neck, and finished the neck and arm holes with bias binding (is that what you call it?)


Other notes…  I traced the shirt with a little bit of waist shaping create a little sleeve, and folded the fabric so that the back is a little longer than the front, with a little split at the sides of the hem.  There are no shoulder seams – I thought this would make the shirt slip to the back, but it worked out OK… The fabric is sheer, but has a nice drape to it, it’s heavier than you would expect.  AND it was in the 2.99/yd remnants at G Street.

IMG_3139 cropped

And there you have a $2.99 “self-drafted” (ha!) shirt right here, folks.  (On Burdastyle here).


6 thoughts on “striped boxy top

  1. Oh, I love it, Lauren! Simple but elegant and it looks great on you from what I can see of the picture where you’re wearing it!

    • Thank you! I couldn’t get a good picture, so I gave up and cropped it. Sometimes it seems like it takes weeks to post things because taking a picture is such a challenge, and I just wanted to get it posted and done with!

    • Thank you! The pictures are actually just the second try after the first batch of pictures of me wearing it came out terrible (not because of the top though)!

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