three babies, nine bibs

So many bibs!  So many hand-sewn snaps, reallyIMG_3126.

A pregnant friend requested some bandana bibs for two of her pregnant best friends, so I threw a few in for her too.


This is a great stashbuster and is pretty cute, BUT I don’t think I’m going to give these as gifts anymore because… new moms do not need to be ironing.  I washed these and they were kind of a b&*#$& to iron and were so askew and crazy that I don’t think you can get away without taming them with heat.  All the moms in the world, how much ironing did you do during the first year of your children’s lives?  That’s what I thought.    I have to work on a new baby gift for the future newborns… there are a few good ones on my pinterest board  [Update:  Apparently the first friend I gifted these to in October says that not only does she not have to iron them, but she receives compliments on them all the time.  Well then.  Nevermind]

is it possible?

A couple months ago I saw these handwarmers on Purl Soho and initially was shocked by how similar they were to my… green things?  (They need a better name).


‘Was my “design” ripped off?!’  Uh, it’s pretty hilarious that this thought even crossed my mind because a) I rip off other people’s designs all the time (shameful), and b) Really?  Someone from Purl Soho reads my blog and copies my design?  I’m sorry to say, that is not the case.

So my next thought… could I really have taste as good as a knit designer from Purl Soho?!

Woohoo!  I’ll take it.  Let’s go with that one.  (And if you don’t see a similarity, shh., just don’t tell me!)

striped boxy top

striped boxy top


The thought of making a self-drafted pattern scares the bejeezus out of me… this is the closest I’ve come.  And by self-drafted, I mean I folded over my fabric, traced a top that I like, sewed up the side seams, cut a hole for the neck, and finished the neck and arm holes with bias binding (is that what you call it?)


Other notes…  I traced the shirt with a little bit of waist shaping create a little sleeve, and folded the fabric so that the back is a little longer than the front, with a little split at the sides of the hem.  There are no shoulder seams – I thought this would make the shirt slip to the back, but it worked out OK… The fabric is sheer, but has a nice drape to it, it’s heavier than you would expect.  AND it was in the 2.99/yd remnants at G Street.

IMG_3139 cropped

And there you have a $2.99 “self-drafted” (ha!) shirt right here, folks.  (On Burdastyle here).