quilted tablet case

Ooh we just bought a tablet.  I’m kind of a curmudgeon about technology, but recently it dawned on me that packing up the laptop every time we travel just so we can look up restaurants and record shops is kind of silly. It’s kind of like someone packing up a desktop computer and bringing it to work every day.


I decided we should get “one of those fancy phones” but when I realized how much they cost, it seemed like a tablet made more sense. (We got a Google Nexus 7 if you’re wondering).  I am SO excited to use it on all our day trips, weekend trips, and the bigger ones.


I ordered a case to keep this expensive little toy safe, but it’s not supposed to come for like, a month (what is up with that).  So here is my temporary tablet…. sleeping bag.  Similar, no?  This is made from leftover gray wool from this dress.



  • I can’t believe how close to symmetrical the quilting came out.  That was very minimally planned out, and mostly luck.
  • I would have cut the batting about 1/4″ smaller on all sides before sewing to minimize bulk in the seams, as well as not sewn the quilting seams all the way to the edges to make it easier to grade the seams.
  • The edges are sort of a reverse french seam.  If I had thought about it first, what you are seeing on the outside is actually supposed to be the inside.  The other side of the quilting looks better.  Oh well.  Now you only know because I told you.
  • I would like to do the edges of the flap differently, but I’m not sure how.  They look kind of sloppy.
  • I would move the velcro up just a bit – I didn’t want the edges of the flap to curl up, but I would like the velcro to be a little more hidden.
  • I would like the velcro to be gray.

Now we can take “the precious” out of the house.

You know how Cecil likes to help me sew?  Kobo likes to help with photo shoots.  The ones with him are probably the best.IMG_2899





8 thoughts on “quilted tablet case

  1. Very cool, looks really elegant and the quilting looks so neat! And Kobo is adorable 🙂 I’ve been thinking of getting a tablet for as well, my big heavy notebook can be such a bother if I only want to check emails quickly… how did you decide which one to get? I really have no clue about these things, are they like mini-computers you can work with as well (like, do they have MS Office too) or are they only for internet and playing? I don’t even have a smartphone yet ;))

    • Thank you! Well, I knew NOTHING about tablets either, I had the same questions as you and wasn’t even sure how you get internet access on them. Neither of us have smartphones and don’t plan on it now that we have the tablet.

      We chose this one because it got really good reviews, especially for the price (I like to use cnet for electronics reviews). We also chose a mini rather than a full-size tablet, and I’m really happy we did – we just want something small to slip in our bags that doesn’t feel like we added a ton of weight. I guess if you were going to use it to replace a laptop and you were going to attach a keyboard, a full-size tablet is probably better.

      You can use a web browser and go on the internet like you normally do (this was my biggest question too) but there are also “apps” for email, etc (and wordpress, and google reader, and pinterest 🙂 ) The basic tablets connect to WiFi wherever you can get a connection, but we purchased one that has 3G capability (this means you can buy a monthly data plan from a wireless provider to get internet wherever you are) as well as WiFi (so you don’t have to use up your data plan if you can get a WiFi connection). MS Office – I don’t know, but they probably do.

      The only bad thing about this particular tablet which actually really stinks, is that it only has a camera on the screen-side (they call this a “front-facing camera”), so you can only take a picture if you’re facing the screen. For you maybe not a problem, because I’m sure you don’t go far without your real camera, but I was disappointed.
      I’m pretty happy we got it, although I really should have waited for my tax refund to come first! 🙂

      • Thanks so much for all the info!! That’s really helpful and it definitely sounds like it would be a good on-the-go addition to my laptop, especially with the email, wordpress, google reader apps! I’m relieved you knew so little about them too, it seems everyone has one of these or a smartphone and I always feel a little weird asking “so, what do you DO with those”.
        I think I’ll look into this in detail at the weekend to check out tablets and compare them and decide whether to get one or not 🙂
        I’ll be getting an older smartphone before long as a hand-me-down from my dad when he gets a new one (this should really be the other way around…how come my dad is more up to date with these things than I am!) so I’ll have to decide if I’ll actually need a tablet as well.
        Thanks so much and have fun with yours 🙂

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