just a scarf

One of my less exciting projects.  (I really know how to sell this stuff, huh?)  I bought this sheer fabric with the idea of making some kind of boxy, drapey top, but then I saw Jen from Grainline’s scarf tutorial and learned a thing or two about sewing the edges of this type of fabric.


Did I do this nearly as well as her?  Of course not!  I couldn’t really get the hang of the cut over the curve of my hand, and cut the actual fabric a couple times (woops), and then tried to compensate by folding the edge over one more time.  Hack job.  And my stitches are pretty wonky.  You’ll notice I conveniently forgot to take a close up of the edges for you.  However, I learned from her tutorial that this is easier than I thought it would be; I would have probably tried to press 1/4″ folds or something ridiculous like that…


So, my top is instead a simple scarf, and looks more ready for spring than the weather outside (or than me – when did I become a winter person?  Strange.)


More exciting projects to come hopefully…


6 thoughts on “just a scarf

  1. Your scarf looks great! It’s a totally awkward technique at first, I’ll admit, but it gets easier and more beautiful looking every time, I promise!

  2. I pinned that tutorial too and have been meaning to try it! Love your scarf, it’s a great versatile piece and the edges look fine in the photos :))

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