silk screen printing


Ooh, we had a big mess in here a few weeks ago.  After searching for curtains I didn’t hate and could afford, I finally gave up and tried printing my own….  They were affordable, but I still can’t decide how much I like them.


Little crazy, huh?  I used my patterns board for ideas and then this dress for the shape.  I was pretty sure I wanted green, but…. what I ended up with was more like if Green Lantern and The Flash got married and made up a new symbol.  Which is why comic book-loving Mr. Nice does, in fact, like them.


So we’re getting somewhere – I don’t think they’ll be in the “permanent collection,” but I learned a lot, and they are acceptable as curtains in another, less public room.


To remember for next time:

  • Cat naptime was the perfect time for this project.
  • Load up on the screen filler – I had to use masking tape to cover up a few holes where ink leaked through.  The masking tape was not a great fix however, as it still seeped  through and I had to keep replacing the tape.
  • Masking tape is very useful!  I used it to mark on the screen frame where I want to line up with my fabric (ie., I wanted the image two inches from the edge of the so I taped the frame two inches from the image and used that to line it up.
  • Work fast but not too fast.  I sure did spill some paint on the curtains (don’t move too fast), but the paint also started to dry and congeal towards the end (don’t move too slow, and put a lid on the paint when not in use).
  • Pulling the ink across twice worked best – I think this is because the muslin is not smooth and the first swipe of ink did not fill the gaps and holes.

I have to say that although I may have not chosen the best image, I LOVED the result of screen printing – it’s very sharp and smooth and I will certainly be doing this again.


8 thoughts on “silk screen printing

  1. Very cool and thanks for the tips! I’ve been thinking about trying screenprinting for ages, but never tried it. It looks pretty easy here though 🙂 I think the green is very nice and looks perfect next to the plants 🙂

    • Thanks and no problem! While it was a bit of work, it also was easier than I thought it would be. I agree about the color – I was happy with how that turned out (I forgot to mention that I simply mixed some of the basic blue into the basic green).

    • Thank you! I appreciate the feedback – I really can’t decide if I like them so it’s nice to hear that someone does!

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