green things

OK, OK, I’m back.

I knit these up last month and then wore them several times, made them un-new and pretty fuzzy, and then tried to cut all the fuzz off?  Sorry if they look less than picture-worthy.


Also, it took me forever to post these because, in addition to my resident “photographer” being out of town, I really, really wanted to paint my nails.  As you can see, that didn’t happen.  I cannot seem to bear the thought of not using my hands for like 2 hours of free time when I could be knitting, sewing, etc…  Anyone else with this issue?!


Aaanyways, my idea for these was like, little turtlenecks for my hands.  Weird, right?  The gray section folds over.  Pros:  superwarm and I personally think it looks cool.  Cons:  It’s really hard to use your cell phone with one hand.  It kind of doesn’t fit.

This is probably not a design element other people are looking for, but if my hands are really cold, like when I’m waiting for the car to warm up (or hiding from cat paws, see below), I can unroll the “turtleneck.”  I can’t really stand mittens because I just pull them off every 5 seconds to use my hands, so this works for me…


What a dork.

In line with my stashbusting (more on that later), I also knit a moss-stitch beanie (by the way, this green yarn is left over from this sweater).

IMG_2834 IMG_2833


It’s a little small, probably because I have a big head.  I would make it a little bigger if I made it again, maybe slouchy.  Either way, I love the way this green looks in moss stitch.

Project pages here and here.

Sooo… these knits are part of Operation Stashkill 2013.  (How badass does that sound?  I mean, for a knitter.)  I have a thing about cleaning house so I’ve made a little challenge for myself.  I’m not going to promise not to buy any yarn this year, but strangely enough, I’m not that interested in new yarn.  I kind of want to tackle this:


I know this NOTHING compared to some of your stashes out there, so I’m excited because I think I can DO IT!


8 thoughts on “green things

  1. Looks very cozy and the matching beanie is soo pretty! I’ve just started a cowl in a very similar shade of green 🙂 Happy stashbusting 🙂

    • Thank you! I will write up the pattern if people are interested (I didn’t know if anyone else would find this to be a good pattern!)

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