quilted tablet case

Ooh we just bought a tablet.  I’m kind of a curmudgeon about technology, but recently it dawned on me that packing up the laptop every time we travel just so we can look up restaurants and record shops is kind of silly. It’s kind of like someone packing up a desktop computer and bringing it to work every day.


I decided we should get “one of those fancy phones” but when I realized how much they cost, it seemed like a tablet made more sense. (We got a Google Nexus 7 if you’re wondering).  I am SO excited to use it on all our day trips, weekend trips, and the bigger ones.


I ordered a case to keep this expensive little toy safe, but it’s not supposed to come for like, a month (what is up with that).  So here is my temporary tablet…. sleeping bag.  Similar, no?  This is made from leftover gray wool from this dress.



  • I can’t believe how close to symmetrical the quilting came out.  That was very minimally planned out, and mostly luck.
  • I would have cut the batting about 1/4″ smaller on all sides before sewing to minimize bulk in the seams, as well as not sewn the quilting seams all the way to the edges to make it easier to grade the seams.
  • The edges are sort of a reverse french seam.  If I had thought about it first, what you are seeing on the outside is actually supposed to be the inside.  The other side of the quilting looks better.  Oh well.  Now you only know because I told you.
  • I would like to do the edges of the flap differently, but I’m not sure how.  They look kind of sloppy.
  • I would move the velcro up just a bit – I didn’t want the edges of the flap to curl up, but I would like the velcro to be a little more hidden.
  • I would like the velcro to be gray.

Now we can take “the precious” out of the house.

You know how Cecil likes to help me sew?  Kobo likes to help with photo shoots.  The ones with him are probably the best.IMG_2899




this is how cecil helps me sew


Cecil never, ever sleeps on the ironing board (it’s always out).  Except when he always sleeps on it when I sew.  And not that cute, little, curled-up ball – the long, stretched-out when-did-this-kitten-get-so-big, right smack in the middle of the ironing board.  He knows what he’s doing.  Eventually I kick him off, but until then I usually try to make do, ie., I iron on the little corner and drape my fabric across him, which he doesn’t seem to mind, huh?

just a scarf

One of my less exciting projects.  (I really know how to sell this stuff, huh?)  I bought this sheer fabric with the idea of making some kind of boxy, drapey top, but then I saw Jen from Grainline’s scarf tutorial and learned a thing or two about sewing the edges of this type of fabric.


Did I do this nearly as well as her?  Of course not!  I couldn’t really get the hang of the cut over the curve of my hand, and cut the actual fabric a couple times (woops), and then tried to compensate by folding the edge over one more time.  Hack job.  And my stitches are pretty wonky.  You’ll notice I conveniently forgot to take a close up of the edges for you.  However, I learned from her tutorial that this is easier than I thought it would be; I would have probably tried to press 1/4″ folds or something ridiculous like that…


So, my top is instead a simple scarf, and looks more ready for spring than the weather outside (or than me – when did I become a winter person?  Strange.)


More exciting projects to come hopefully…

silk screen printing


Ooh, we had a big mess in here a few weeks ago.  After searching for curtains I didn’t hate and could afford, I finally gave up and tried printing my own….  They were affordable, but I still can’t decide how much I like them.


Little crazy, huh?  I used my patterns board for ideas and then this dress for the shape.  I was pretty sure I wanted green, but…. what I ended up with was more like if Green Lantern and The Flash got married and made up a new symbol.  Which is why comic book-loving Mr. Nice does, in fact, like them.


So we’re getting somewhere – I don’t think they’ll be in the “permanent collection,” but I learned a lot, and they are acceptable as curtains in another, less public room.


To remember for next time:

  • Cat naptime was the perfect time for this project.
  • Load up on the screen filler – I had to use masking tape to cover up a few holes where ink leaked through.  The masking tape was not a great fix however, as it still seeped  through and I had to keep replacing the tape.
  • Masking tape is very useful!  I used it to mark on the screen frame where I want to line up with my fabric (ie., I wanted the image two inches from the edge of the so I taped the frame two inches from the image and used that to line it up.
  • Work fast but not too fast.  I sure did spill some paint on the curtains (don’t move too fast), but the paint also started to dry and congeal towards the end (don’t move too slow, and put a lid on the paint when not in use).
  • Pulling the ink across twice worked best – I think this is because the muslin is not smooth and the first swipe of ink did not fill the gaps and holes.

I have to say that although I may have not chosen the best image, I LOVED the result of screen printing – it’s very sharp and smooth and I will certainly be doing this again.

green things

OK, OK, I’m back.

I knit these up last month and then wore them several times, made them un-new and pretty fuzzy, and then tried to cut all the fuzz off?  Sorry if they look less than picture-worthy.


Also, it took me forever to post these because, in addition to my resident “photographer” being out of town, I really, really wanted to paint my nails.  As you can see, that didn’t happen.  I cannot seem to bear the thought of not using my hands for like 2 hours of free time when I could be knitting, sewing, etc…  Anyone else with this issue?!


Aaanyways, my idea for these was like, little turtlenecks for my hands.  Weird, right?  The gray section folds over.  Pros:  superwarm and I personally think it looks cool.  Cons:  It’s really hard to use your cell phone with one hand.  It kind of doesn’t fit.

This is probably not a design element other people are looking for, but if my hands are really cold, like when I’m waiting for the car to warm up (or hiding from cat paws, see below), I can unroll the “turtleneck.”  I can’t really stand mittens because I just pull them off every 5 seconds to use my hands, so this works for me…


What a dork.

In line with my stashbusting (more on that later), I also knit a moss-stitch beanie (by the way, this green yarn is left over from this sweater).

IMG_2834 IMG_2833


It’s a little small, probably because I have a big head.  I would make it a little bigger if I made it again, maybe slouchy.  Either way, I love the way this green looks in moss stitch.

Project pages here and here.

Sooo… these knits are part of Operation Stashkill 2013.  (How badass does that sound?  I mean, for a knitter.)  I have a thing about cleaning house so I’ve made a little challenge for myself.  I’m not going to promise not to buy any yarn this year, but strangely enough, I’m not that interested in new yarn.  I kind of want to tackle this:


I know this NOTHING compared to some of your stashes out there, so I’m excited because I think I can DO IT!