wiksten tank (with sleeves)


I got the amazing idea from Kristina to make a top out of the Wiksten tank by adding the sleeves from the Tova top (you can see her’s here).  I can’t quit it with these Wiksten patterns, I end up using them over and over again when I have a fabric I love and want to showcase a great pattern with a simple silhouette.


However, I probably picked the wrong fabric.  If you look at the neckline at my right shoulder, can you see how stiff it is?  Here, I’ll show you.


This fabric is far too stiff and it would have looked better in something with more drape, but I LOVE the pattern on this fabric, and well, I didn’t have enough of it for anything else!  I started off picturing a pencil skirt, which the fabric would have been more suited for, then thought maybe I have enough for a 3/4 sleeve top, then nope, I barely had enough for these little sleeves!  I bought the fabric, already cut, at Billy Goat Vintage in Portland, OR (AWESOME store, I also bought my wedding ring there).

So, I ended up here with a stiff shirt in a great pattern (in my opinion).  I debated removing the sleeves and changing it to the original tank because I think it would help with the awkward neckline, but we’ll see.

For those who are wondering about adding sleeves, I had the tank pattern piece pinned to the fabric, but for the armholes, I laid the Tova pattern piece over it.  I think I lined it up with the shoulder, but for some reason it seemed that I had to line the front with the center fold, but the back I lined up with the side seams.  I don’t know why, but that worked.  For the sleeves themselves, I just cropped them at about 3 1/2″ from the armhole, similar to my short-sleeved Tova.  I kinda wish I had made them even shorter, like Kristina’s, and with a more narrow hem, but I think this fabric is just too thick for a narrow hem.

I don’t know.  B minus?



4 thoughts on “wiksten tank (with sleeves)

  1. Yay, another Wiksten Tank with sleeves! I love how yours turned out and the alterations you made! The fabric is gorgeous, it doesn’t really look all that stiff in the photo. But you’re right, these tanks (and tops) really look best in very drapey fabric. I have to say I almost never wear my white quitling cotton Tank because it’s so stiff.
    I hope yours will get more wear :))

    • Thank you! I know, I’m worried I might skip over it in my closet because of the fit. I really wonder what taking the sleeves off would do…

    • You’re right! I almost just did that, but I really like the hemline of the Wiksten tank (you can’t tell from the pictures but it is a curved shirttail-style hem). I might prefer the neckline of Wiksten too, although it’s a little low – maybe what I should have actually done is a wiksten/grainline mash-up! Hmm, you’ve got me thinking now…

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