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Addendum: OK, this post sucks because I can not figure out how to align text and pictures how I want them (I remember going through this with blogspot too, I have no idea how I eventually got it to work) and my pictures are too small because I’m worried my computer can’t handle any decent photo editing software.  I’m sure someone will comment and tell me how to do all this and I’m sure I won’t understand 😦

Wow, that really makes you want to read this post, huh?

I went a little crazy with the Christmas crafts this year, via my  “christmas things” board… it was my way of coping when I decided not to get a tree because the kittens are so. naughty. lately.

I caved and bought a tree last weekend anyways.  They’ve been pretty good but I had to take the presents out from under it because they kept biting them and trying to eat the wrapping paper (visualize me rolling my eyes here).

Aaaanyways…. what do we have here?  First, an “advent” calendar I made by sewing 24 little muslin bags (a few are vintage plaid from this shirt because I ran out of muslin).


Inside are a number of vegan treats – I did not want it to be all candy and chocolate, so aside from those treats I used fruit leather, nuts, dried fruits, a little bag of coffee and cinnamon sticks, popcorn and “ranch topping,” spicy hot chocolate, and satsuma tangerines.  I know I got the idea from something on the internet last year, but I’m not entirely sure where.

I made this garland over the course of last Christmas and the Christmas before.  You can find my inspiration here (see, this was pre-Pinterest).


A little felt tree, inspiration here.


Some boxwood wreaths, inspiration here.


An incredibly complex craft of my own creation.


Some hand-stamped Christmas cards (they may or may not look like they were made by a 5-year-old).



And some snow globes, again from this post.  (Ohmygod I went to Hobby Lobby for the first time to get the supplies, ohmygodohmygod I was in heaven.  It’s like Michael’s on crack.  I think I was there for an hour and a half).  It’s so hard to see through this glass, but it is a little tree with a little cardinal glued to it with some gifts at the bottom (I cut out little foam cubes and wrapped them in tiny pieces of wrapping paper, then took some thin ribbon, snipped it and ripped it lengthwise to make it thinner, curled it up and taped it on).



4 thoughts on “christmas things

  1. Ha, kitten fun, right? Ours have been very good this year but they’re approaching middle age (that sounds funny talking about cats) and aren’t as jumpy and wild any more. Love all your decorations, especially the felt garland! Must make that next year 🙂 Merry Christmas!

    • Ha! I know – they drive me CRAZY and then I miss them when I’m not home and I just adore them. Stinkers. I am looking forward to a little calming down though… The felt garland is a bit of work and a little hard to string but it is a very cute decoration. Usually I hang it in the tree but this year I put it up before I decided to get the tree.

      • I’ve been researching some stuff to do with my cats and I’ve been thinking of you! Have you tried clicker training them? It’s really easy (there are online resources on it and I love this book: ).
        My two can both do high five and give the paw and I’m forever promising myself to teach them more because they really enjoy it (and it’s a great way of getting them to interact with guests 😉 ).
        I’m also planning on making them board games. I don’t know if this idea has ever made it out of german speaking countries, but image search “fummelbrett katzen” om google and you get the general idea. It’s basically an obstacle course for treats that you make yourself out of household items glued or screwed to a wooden or cardboard base and it keeps your cats occupied and thinking forever and they get to work for their food instead of thinking up ways to be naughty 🙂

      • You know I have heard of clicker training but was always skeptical – I can’t believe you did it! I think I will try it. I have never heard of the board games and I LOVE them! What a great idea – I think you’re right, it would be the perfect solution for naughtiness. Thank you and if you ever make a board game, you have to send me a picture!

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