a new blog and another victory (pattern)


Wow, hang in there with me while I adjust to WordPress. This is going to be a learning process.  And thank you for coming on over from smunch.

Well here I am, with another Victory pattern, this time Hazel. I tend to disregard recommended fiber content because I’m too focused on colors and prints, so the top is a cotton shirting and the bottom is some kind of crinkly something (I’m very technical). The thing about it is, – these colors were different before I bought them. I swear to you the top was a lighter minty-blue and the bottom was an orangey-mustard (OK some people reading that may be glad the colors mysteriously changed) and I was kind of disappointed when I got home. My evidence is that the thread I bought PERFECTLY matched in the store, and it sure doesn’t now. Lighting I guess – the dress is still OK, just not what I thought I was making.


Like Chloe, I cut the top in a 6 and tapered the waist to the hips from a 6 to an 8, and it worked fairly well again. Sadly, when I put it on for these pictures I heard a big “Crrkk” (is that how you spell a rip sound?) and the point of the “V” on the neckline ripped. I’ll try to stitch it up but at least it’s covered by the bow. I think it’s related to what I’ve found to be true with both patterns I’ve made – the arm holes are somewhat small and the arms are therefore restrictive, and I even have noodle arms. I can’t do a push up.


Overall, good, easy enough (although it is marked beginner, I would have had a tough time with the neck if I was a true beginner – or maybe that just speaks to the level I’m still at!). I’m thinking about modifying it but I’m not going to say how because EVERY single time I say on my blog I’m going to do something, I NEVER EVER do it.

So, this is very different from blogspot and I think I’m going to have to go through a few iterations to get what I want – I know it’s very taboo to have a craft blog with no banner but I really don’t like the free themes that have banners and many of my pictures were lost with the Great Hard Drive Crash of 2012.  Bear with me!


14 thoughts on “a new blog and another victory (pattern)

  1. I didn’t notice the lack of banner XD You don’t have to use the free banners you can use any image cropped to the size your theme allows. Also you might want to optimise your images to the exact size allowed by your theme so they don’t auto-resize.

    • I’m actually thinking I might keep it bannerless. I was able to use my pictures for the banners, I just don’t like the templates/themes that have banners. I like this template better. I do want to do what you are saying with the pictures but I don’t know how. I wish I could fly to Australia and get a blog tutorial from you!

      • If you have image editing software (I use Acorn for mac) or even Preview (which comes free and preloaded) you can go to resize canvas (or image) and type in the size or go to crop and select the size square you want. You can also use Keynote (Dunno of powerpoint has this feature) to export slides as pics. Will have to do a tute on this-comments section’s too short X)

  2. Yay, welcome to WordPress! You’ll like it here 🙂
    I love your dress, I think the colors go great together! The bow is so cute 🙂

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